5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Online Live Roulette Over Land-Based

Why is online live roulette is better than land based casinos

It’s hard to deny that roulette is one of the most popular and well-liked casino games ever created. Most players start their journey here as it’s also one of the simplest games. A dealer drops a small white ball into a spinning wheel, and you win if the outcome matches the type of bet you’ve placed.

Now, the question is: do you travel all the way to a land-based casino, or do you go online and play with a live dealer there? Below we will give you five reasons why you should go for the latter option.

Reason 1: Privacy

Unless you’re a millionaire and high-roller, you won’t be able to play privately in regular casinos. Online sites, on the other hand, allow you to stay fully out of the spot. No one has to know your name, where you are, or anything else other than your preferred payment method and where to send you winnings.

While playing roulette is nothing to be ashamed of, you still want to have the option to conceal your identity. This is especially useful at a multiple-player live-dealer table where you will interact with other people.

Reason 2: Convenience to Use Any Device

Live dealer games are just like any other casino titles – available and accessible 24/7. Besides, the best casinos support mobile devices that you don’t even need a computer to enjoy a gaming session.

This means that you can pick any time of the day and play how as long or as little as you want. When you don’t have to physically go anywhere, you can leave whenever you want – even after 15 minutes.

Reason 3: Bonuses, Free Spins, and Other Freebies

The costs to maintain a regular casino don’t leave enough resources for considerable bonuses, free spins, free coins, freebies, and other types of gifts. They exist but don’t compare to what you can receive online.

Also, there is ridiculously high competition for online casinos, so each one is trying to win you over. These websites generously reward both new and loyal gambling enthusiasts and give incentives to try out new games.

Reason 4: It Feels Like a Real Casino

Live dealer roulette is the closest thing to real-life sessions. You don’t sacrifice anything – in fact, you gain more, as you can see from all the advantages in this list. On your screen, you will see a real human being spinning the roulette wheel and trace the ball landing on a certain number. It’s an authentic experience that you have access to without stepping away from your house.

Reason 5: New Additions

If vast selections aren’t enough, there are other good news. As an online casino player, you will enjoy regular fresh content. No regular casino can change things up or add as many new roulette varieties as online websites. It makes sense – game developers are always coming up with new stuff, and it costs very little to introduce these additions.

The Win-Win Solution

It’s hard to find any drawbacks to playing with a live dealer. Perhaps, the only problem is that you can’t talk to other players face-to-face. But many users hardly consider this as a drawback. Overall, live dealer roulette gives you an authentic casino experience, and even better terms and conditions than its brick-and-mortar counterpart could ever offer.

Next time you’re choosing between red or black, or odd or even, do it at Loki Casino’s live dealer sessions. You will see why so many players choose this accessible, thrilling roulette variant. Create an account today for a chance to see impressive wins!

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