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Best live casino games

Which is the best gaming brand, providing live games at Loki Casino?

Which is the best gaming brand, providing live games at Loki Casino

On Loki Casino, we have so many gaming providers as some of them are making games mostly for our live casino page. Maybe the best brand is Evolution Gaming as they are an extremely powerful company which is producing incredibly high-quality games. We are happy to have them on board as their services are always very successful and players on our platform love to play them.

But as you know we are carefully selecting the brands with which we are working. This is why we can consider that all live games gaming providers are more than good. Even those you most probably have not heard at all like Vivo Gaming and Ezugi. The full list of the best software companies you can check on the page with the live games, under the tab with the providers.

Why are there so many live casino games provided by Evolution Gaming?

Evolution Gaming is one of the pioneers when it comes to “live casino games”. The company which was established in 2006 is extremely powerful and on a monthly basis it is providing so many games which are very interesting and the players simply love playing them.

So, answering the question why there are so many casino games provided by Evolution Gaming, the answer is very simple - this is one of the best brands and they are making games only for the live industry. In addition, our players really enjoy the games provided by this brand and we are owed to have more and more from them on the page with the live casino.

Is the Lightning Roulette different from the normal Roulette game?

Is the Lightning Roulette different from the normal Roulette game

Lightning Roulette is very different from the other Roulette games. It is not only visually amazing, but it also adds a high-payout Random Number Generator (RNG) Lucky Number wins to every game round.

It has most of the features from the normal Roulette like the wheel, live dealer and even the roulette bets but it differs from the way of playing. But Lightning Roulette is going to bring you one ultimate gaming experience. In each round, between one and five Lucky Numbers are struck by a lightning and there are multipliers of between 50x and 500x.

Based on your stake the winnings will be different. When a number is struck you will check the multiplier below the number. If you have this number selected among the 5 other numbers, you will win the prize calculated for your stake and multiplier. It is simple as that, maybe it sounds difficult but it is actually quite easy.

So, if you are asking if there is any difference, yes, the game experience is completely different though the terms and some of the features are the same.

Can I play Monopoly Live at Loki Casino?

Loki Casino is going to provide you with a vast range of online casino games. Most of them are really amazing and unique. But we have some titles which are extremely interesting even for the young casino players and those who are classified as for newbies. For example, we have Football Studio and Dream Catcher as games. We are sure that if you are a new casino player, you have an idea of what we are talking about.

But we also have one game called Monopoly Live. Normally, it is based on the scenario from the board game Monopoly, though it is a little bit different. It is provided by Evolution Gaming and you can play it with real money or just for fun. What is amazing here is the fact that it is with a live dealer who is doing everything for you, except for choosing the stakes and placing them, of course.

To sum up, yes, you can play Monopoly Live on Loki Casino website and it is extremely interesting. We highly recommend the game to anyone as long as you have an account with us and you know how to play such kind of live games.

How can I play Dream Catcher?

How can I play Dream Catcher

If you have played already the game called Monopoly Live, you will surely love to play Dream Catcher as well. It is again provided by Evolution Gaming and it is extremely popular among the casino players. There are many tips and strategies all over the internet so you are always free to have a look into them so you can know how to play the game successfully.

If you have checked the other similar wheel games you will definitely know how to play it. If not, we will give you a clue. Login in your account and opening the Dream Catcher, you will be asked to choose a stake. When you do it, you will need to choose a number (you can place your stake on more than one number). Every number is like a multiplier. For example, 1 (x1 the stake), 2 (x2 the stake) etc. The maximum amount you can win is x40.

When your bets are accepted, the live dealer is spinning the wheel and you start waiting to see if you are winning. What we suggest you try and play the game with virtual money in the beginning. Once, you are experienced enough, you can continue with real funds which are always a pleasure, especially if you are winning.

Most of the games on the Loki Casino are very famous and popular. Lots of them are part of the live casino page as well. You can play many interesting titles like Lightning Roulette, Infinite Blackjack, Dream Catcher, Football Studio and even Monopoly Live. But these are not the only popular titles on our platform. Interesting is the fact that all of them are provided by Evolution Gaming.

Authentic Gaming, NetEnt and even Playtech are making very trendy games. You can even play them for fun, another way for you to practise your skills. But which titles from this big selection with games are really good? You will have to look for the badge HOT. They are definitely the most playing games from our members. Usually, those are games like Blackjack, Roulette and even Baccarat. But recently some other titles appear to be among the top list of choice: Monopoly Live, Dream Catcher and Football Studio.

But whatever you choose to play, note that at some point it was very popular. We are selecting only the best games so if you want to know if there are any popular live casino games, yues there are. All of them almost are viral and famous among our players at Loki Casino.

Is it legit and safe to play live games?

Is it legit and safe to play live games

All of the games at Loki Casino are extremely safe and fair. We are selecting carefully the gaming providers, operating on our website. Absolutely the same is the situation with the live casino page. There are games from many software companies as all of them are very safe and legit. You should not worry about anything. If a bug occurs our system will detect it and your stake will be refunded as soon as possible.

If you think that something is not correctly executed or you thing you are going to be scammed, you must contact the relative authorities immediately. We have a team of testers, so we can assure you that all of the games are tested on a daily basis. We want the players not to be afraid of playing our casino games, including the live games and this is why if you have problems, just use the contact form and tell us more about it. From our side, you can expect 100% safety and full protection when you play your favourite live games.

Are there any games with live dealers?

If you have not checked our live casino page you should know that all of the games there are with real dealers. We can advise you to start all of them playing just for fun in the beginning. After all, playing against the virtual dealers is completely different when you are playing against the real ones. They are going to distract you from time to time, asking you different questions etc.

You will need to leave everything aside and be 100% concentrated on your game only. Basically, yes, there are games with live dealers as most of them are like these. But this is not making you the job easier. Be careful, be patient and you can start winning.

What are my chances of winning playing against live dealers?

What are my chances of winning playing against live dealers

Surely, playing against Live Dealers is much better compared to playing against the virtual. The house is still the same but at least you can see everything with your own eyes. But are the chances the same as playing against the virtual dealers?

We can say yes, chances are the same. The live games are created for those of you who do not trust the system and how it gives the cards. Now you can see with your own eyes that the cards are being drawn by the live dealer and there is nothing fraud about that.

Moreover, you can play with other players so you can bet behind or simply you can be next to other players who can draw your cards at any time so you can have better or weaker cards. Definitely, there are positives and negatives but still, the chances are completely equal.

Can I play live casino games with bonus funds?

This is something which totally depends on your bonus which you have credited. For example, most of the bonuses on our website have a policy that they cannot be used on live casino games. The same applies when you try to wager your funds as all stakes will be considered as 0% for the rollover conditions.

If you want to know more about this, we can recommend you to contact the customer support centre as there are extremely competent experts who are going to give you all details related to your available bonuses.

In other words, just try to find the bonus offer you have and read carefully the full list of terms and conditions. It might be low and difficult for reading but it is a must, especially when you have bonus funds or any other promotion activated.

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