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Dragon Kingdom
Pragmatic Play
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Book of Dead
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Buffalo Blitz
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Sakura Fortune
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Book of Egypt
Book of Pharao
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Sword of Khans
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Jack and the Beanstalk
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Jade Valley
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Allways Fruits
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Harlequin Carnival
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Wolf Gold
Pragmatic Play
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Escape from Alcatraz
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Dark Mystic
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Aztec Coins
Plenty Dragons
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Rise of Dead
Eye of the Amulet
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Barbarian Fury
Hot Fruits Deluxe
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Eastern Emeralds
Esqueleto Explosivo 2

As every other reputable online casino, Loki Casino is having a great selection of slots. Definitely, this is the page which is the most popular and it is searched for absolutely every player. If you cannot navigate yourself to the page with the slots, we are going to assist you, because we know how important this is for you. On the same page, you will also find the section with the most popular titles which is also very trendy recently.

As every other reputable online casino, Loki Casino is having a great selection of slots. Definitely, this is the page which is the most popular and it is searched for absolutely every player. If you cannot navigate yourself to the page with the slots, we are going to assist you, because we know how important this is for you. On the same page, you will also find the section with the most popular titles which is also very trendy recently.

From there, you can easily open whatever you wish, especially the slots. If you are wondering how you can recognize which are the most popular slots, it is something not that difficult too. Some of the titles are having badges. For example, on the top of the page, you will see most games which are with the badge HOT or NEW. If you see the writing HOT it means that currently, this is one of the most popular and playing slots.

As we have already mentioned, the slots are the most popular casino game, not only in Loki Casino but also in the rest of the brands in the iGaming industry. If you are a fan of the local casinos, you might know the slots as slot machines. They used to be extremely popular in the 90s and 00s. While now, they have been replaced by the online slots.

Of course, there are still many land-based casinos with offline slots but the truth is that most of the people prefer to stay in their homes and to play the latest games on their mobile phones or desktop computers. But what is exactly the difference between the offline and the online slots?

It is simple indeed! If you are in one land-based casino, you cannot play online slots there as you are going to see online slot machines physically. Absolutely the same is the situation with the online slots unless you do not have in your home a physical slot machine, which again is not making it online slot.

So, answering the question above, yes, there is a big difference between the online slots and the offline slots. Even the gaming experience you are going to receive while playing both types of slots is different completely.

If you are an already a member of Loki Casino, you have a bonus credited to your account most probably. If you are wondering where you can play with it, we will have to let you know that the online casino slots are one of the best places where you can use your funds.

Of course, it depends on the promotion you have activated or credited. Most of the bonuses are having some online casino games exclusions such as the live casino games. The best thing about the free spins and the other bonuses which are coming as funds are the fact that you can freely play them on almost all of the titles you are going to find in the slot section.

There is a slight chance some of the casino slots to be excluded from the promotion you have activated but this does not mean that all of them will be disabled. All you must do is to read the full terms and conditions about the bonus you have and you will see clearly where you can play your free money.

Literally, it means Return to Player and it is most often calculated in percentages. This is a term which is being used mostly in the casino industry on the various slot and other casino games. For example, even the scratch cards and the Slingo games are having RTP integrated into the software. Using this algorithm, you are going to be protected from any frauds and it also guarantees some winnings for the casinos, who are providing the games through their platforms.

But how exactly the RTP works and what is the average percentage? This is a very interesting and quality question. In the next few lines, we will try to explain as simple as we can, how exactly it works and what you can expect from the RTP.

The RTP represents the staked amount which is going to be returned in your account in a certain time. As we have already informed you, it is calculated in percentages. The average RTP rate is different as most of the games are having rates from 92% to 98%. Let’s use the 95% as an example, to show you how exactly it is working.

If you have staked $1 it means that you can expect a return of $0.95. Even if you manage to find a game with 100% which looks impossible to us, you will not have a better chance to win. The RTP has nothing to do with the RNG (random number generator). While you are losing, just another player is winning. This is how it works, simple as that.

If you are wondering if the online slots are going to bring you some nice profit, the answer is yes! From all of the slots, you can win a decent amount of cash which you can easily transfer to your account or simply use it for something different (live casino, progressives, table games etc).

But which online slots are going to give you more chances for some good profit? We cannot speak with exact names or titles because every game is having a few things which need to be included if you want your chances to be increased. For example, the bigger RTP rate is not going to guarantee you more winnings.

What is vital and essential here is to see how popular one slot is. As you know if you are the only player, currently playing on the slot, there are no other members who can lose so you can be successful. Also, it will be great if you can find a game with bonus rounds. From them, you can win some extra spins which can bring you a nice profit too.

With the time and the experience, you will see which slots are going to be successful for your style of playing and which not. We prefer slots where we can collect scatter symbols, which is an additional way of increasing our chances for success.

On the website of Loki Casino, you can choose to play games from the biggest gaming providers in the world. But which are really the best and what is qualifying them as so popular to the different members. These and many other questions, we are going to reveal in the lines below.

If you are wondering how exactly software companies are providing the games on our website, the answer is a lot. Currently, we have more than 40 gaming providers who are very reputable and the players on our platform are more than happy to have them, so they can play the most popular and famous games.

What is making one gaming software company popular is the brand and its history. For example, if you are a new player all of the brands will be the same. But the experienced gamblers know which company is producing fair and good games and which not. Despite the fact that NetEnt is one of the biggest companies in the world when it comes to slots, there are other very popular providers, nowadays.

For instance, you might notice that at the moment the most popular brands are Play’N Go, Yggdrasil, EGT Gaming and Microgaming (when it comes to progressive jackpots). The games are making one provider popular. This is why most of them are included on our platform as we have fully licensed them to operate on our website. If the software company is with a good history and their games are good, this indeed makes it popular and famous.

This is a tricky question and we cannot tell for sure which is the best gaming provider when it comes to online slots. Almost all of the software companies in this industry are making slot games. It is a vital part of daily life and after all these games are the most playing and famous among the players.

It is hard to say which is the best because every gambler is having its own preferences. For example, one player is going to live the games with bonus rounds and many free spins. The other will enjoy the progressives and the jackpots. Megaways is very viral recently as well. There are many types of casino slots and they are provided by different gaming companies.

You have to know which is your favourite game first and then you can see which gaming provider is exactly for your needs, classifying it as good, best or the most amazing. But know that on our platform, we are carefully selecting the companies so you are going to see only the greatest brands.

If you are wondering if you can play online slots for fun (without money), yes you can. It is actually very easy if you want to do it and there are multiple reasons for playing the games just for free. The most important purpose is that they are going to give you the needed practice before you start funding your account. After the practice, you will gain experience which is extremely vital for every casino player.

ABut how you can play online slots for free? This is a simple question and we will reveal the secret. The most important thing is to create a free account at Loki Casino. Once you do it, you will have the option to deposit funds in order to play or to skip this step and go directly to the casino games lobby. There you will see that every (95% of the games) have the option titled “play for fun”. Clicking on it, you will unlock the game and its features. In addition, you will also receive some demo (virtual) money which can be used for your amazing journey.

As we have written, you can play for free or for fun almost each of the games in the slots section. It will bring you amazing emotions and you will easily learn about the basics and techniques of absolutely any of the games you have chosen. It is an incredible way for you to practise your skills and get ready for the real money laundry where lots of cash is expecting you.

Interesting is the fact that you can win real money from all the online slots at Loki Casino. It is something very good especially if you have enough balance to deposit. You will only need to find the best game which suits you the most. We believe that in the beginning you can start with the slots with the bonus rounds or scatter symbols, where awesome prizes are expecting you.

The progressives are also very trendy as with them you can win big money too. You will only have to find the best game for you and then you will be ready to win real money from the slots. We can guarantee you that all of the titles on this page are fair and you should not worry about the chances for winning or losing. No one is going to scam you because we rely on the trust and the quality of every licensed slot. So you can play safely with your real money and you can expect a good return or turnover.

There are such slots with bonus rounds or bonus games. They are great for every player and usually, the gamblers are looking for them seriously. This is because the games with such deals are going to give you some amazing free spins from different scatter symbols or in-game promotions. Such FS can easily boost your winnings especially if they are activated with the biggest stakes and paylines.

You should not be afraid of playing such online slots. Of course, we highly recommend checking what is their RTP rate, how you can win those bonus rounds and how to get the most of them. We cannot reveal any of this because every game is different and everything pretty much depends on the gaming provider. What we know that they are extremely profitable and if you want to win some nice real money, the slots with the bonus games are one of the best choices.

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